Financial Recovery

Financial Recovery

Julie’s husband had been unemployed for six months without unemployment benefits when they decided to move back to the area.  Their home had been foreclosed on while it was still on the market and they were in the process of working with a bankruptcy lawyer.  After developing a consistent budget and eliminating unnecessary expenses, enough funds were set aside for negotiation with many of their creditors.  Several companies agreed to a settlement or payment arrangement.  During this time, Julie found a part-time job and her husband began working full-time.  A year later, we received this letter.

Well, it was almost 1 year ago I came to CFE for financial counseling. I am so excited about how far we have come and it’s only because of your service to the Lord and to the community! I was very impressed with how each meeting was bathed in prayer. It just gave me such a sense of peace about how God was working and the future HE wants for us!

Last year my husband wanted to get more involved with the finances—Praise the Lord! He was ready to work on it together. We read the Dave Ramsey book and got really fired up about it! It just took a lot of pressure off of me when he wanted to make it work as a team! In September, our church started a Sunday school class “Master Your Money” by Ron Blue. We are really enjoying it and I think it’s awesome that the church wanted to offer a class like that. There are almost 50 people in it!

I just wanted you to know where we were at and how far we’ve come since I hadn’t contacted you in quite awhile. Thank you so much for your help and support during the trials we were facing. May the Lord bless you and the CFE ministry. ” 

Message from the heart

“Because of the helpful guidance on our finances we received through CFE, my wife and I are on the same page with our finances.  Our home is much more peaceful because of this and our children, family and friends have noticed the difference!”