What we do

What we do

Center for Financial Education can help you attain financial stability.

Center for Financial Education wants you to attain financial stability, because money should bless you, not stress you.

Do you find that you have

  • Poor spending habits?
  • Maxed-out credit cards?
  • Bill collectors calling you?

Or that you are

  • Drowning in medical bills?
  • Unsure where all the money went this month?
  • Fighting with your spouse over money?
  • Facing a life emergency that will impact your income?

We meet with you, one on one—or as a couple if married—to tailor fit a financial plan to your situation. We listen with empathy, guide with compassion and pray for grace to coach individuals and families towards transforming their lives by taking charge of their finances.

A typical first-time consult includes:

    • Time to get to know you and your specific situation
    • Beginning to map out a budget for you and your family
    • Coach you through some “first steps” based on your circumstances
    • Setting up subsequent appointments to further the plan

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