Fundraising Thank you!

Fundraising. Is. Hard.

Screenshot of the “lovely” expression Facebook chose to freeze Miriam’s face in.

Originally posted on Facebook on July 19, 2019

We recently came across a irreverent piece that presented tongue in cheek answers to questions frequently asked on grant applications. We laughed. A lot. Then we wished we could actually answer the questions that way, because the answers resonated so well with us; the bottom line was always this: Send money.

We’re in the middle of the summer slow-down in the philanthropic world. Not much funding coming in, outside of the regular donations received each month. Funds from fundraisers have been used up, and the proverbial bottom of the barrel is coming into view.

Still we trust. We trust that it is God who gave us the mission we’re on and it is God who will provide for the needs that are there. We’d love to say we’re successfully working ourselves out of a job, but the fact of the matter is that there will continue to be folks who need our services. Managing finances well is a skill we’re happy to teach, and we love to hear success stories of past clients.

The other day, an email came from a long-time client, they’ve been working hard and paying on a $30,000 debt for over 5 years. Now the goal is within sight–$1,500 to go! What a relief for them! It’s going to be a different lifestyle for them soon, where they are able to completely look ahead rather than continually having to pay back for the past. It was a thrill to hear from them, and it’s a thrill to share their success with you, because you played a part in it!

We need you. We need funding. Or Warren Buffet’s phone number. Or Denny Sanford’s, he’s something of the reason folks are in the place where they need to come to us.

If you’re thinking this post is cynical, you’re right. We are running dry and running out of new ideas. God can, we know that, but how. It’s a place many before us have been in. All the way back to Abraham. Back to Noah. Back to Adam & Eve.

If you’re sitting there reading this thinking I wish there was some way I could help, you’ll be relieved to know there is! No gift is too small to not have an impact! (Conversely, no gift is too large either, hint hint) Give generously, give often, give to us, we promise to use it well. We don’t have fancy programs or projects, just a desire to teach God’s ways to handle money, live in contentment and show compassion to all.