Ransomware, A Tech Scam
National Consumer Protection Week

Ransomware, A Tech Scam

Many have encountered this one, working on the computer, innocently click a link and suddenly “lights” are flashing and “alarms” are going off, and there’s a message on the screen to call such-and-such a number, because a “malicious virus” has been detected on your device.
The Better Business Bureau warns consumers not to fall for this. But if if this happens to you, immediately disconnect the computer from its power source–including the battery if you’re working on a laptop.
There are several articles on preventing the threat of ransomeware, but here are 3 from NortonWired, and Carbonite.
Protect yourself, but NEVER pay the ransom! If you are unsure what to do, see the help of a professional, two we recommend locally are Premier Network Solutions or SuperHiTech.