Paying Someone With Gift Cards? Don’t Fall For It
National Consumer Protection Week

Paying Someone With Gift Cards? Don’t Fall For It

It’s National Consumer Protection Week!  Don’t fall victim to the many scams that take Billions of dollars every year from unsuspecting people.

Yesterday, we highlighted a scam known as “Secret Shopper” but there are other ways scammers will try to trip you up. We’ve heard of them posing as an individual’s grandchild, claiming they’re in distress somehow then being asked to pay for the situation with gift cards. They play on your emotions, and before you know it you’re out a considerable amount of money. While it may sound cold and heartless, tell the caller that you will call them back, then take time to check with someone who will know about the well-being of the individual in question.
If you’ve fallen for this scam, as soon as you can, report it. 
Scammers Demand Gift Cards
Also report the crime to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center