NCPW–Secret Shopper–TGTBT?
National Consumer Protection Week

NCPW–Secret Shopper–TGTBT?

It’s National Consumer Protection Week!  Don’t fall victim to the many scams that take Billions of dollars every year from unsuspecting people.

We love it when people try to be resourceful about making extra income.  But too many opportunities turn out to be scams similar to what’s described here.  Secret shopping seems like an easy way to make a few extra bucks. How do you know if it real or a scam? Don’t get taken for thousands of dollars.  Here’s some great info on how to know if a “Secret Shopper” is Too Good to Be True:
FTC Secret Shopping and Fake Checks 

Want to find a real secret shopper job?  Check out this list:
Find a Legitimate Secret Shopper job